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Welcome to Nine Days More, your one stop source for all your Nine Days needs. Hosted here are MP3s, b-sides, live performances, videos, & everything else released by the band. Take a look around and browse or search our collections of over 300 songs. Be a part of the community on the original and official Nine Days Message Board. Enjoy!
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   News: New Album! "Something Out Of Nothing"
November 11, 2013 - ninedaysMORE

Nine Days has just released a new album! Check it out at now!

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 News: Nine Days 2013 Relaunch!    January 1, 2013 - ninedaysMORE
 Files Added: Ultimate Starter Pack 2    October 9, 2012 - ninedaysMORE
 Files Added: Throwback Thursdays 2012    October 3, 2012 - Derje Boven and joesmo

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 NINE DAYS Live @ "The Vanderbilt"
Rhythm & Dues
The Metro Channel

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1. 14. Leelee.mp3 - 2488 Downloads
2. A Girl In California (Acoustic).mp3 - 2025 Downloads
3. 01. Favorite Song.mp3 - 1883 Downloads
4. 13. Dirty Poet.mp3 - 1817 Downloads
5. (2000) The Madding Crowd - Nine Days.jpg - 1774 Downloads
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  Nine Days More is "built by the community" so if you have a song or video not already up here and you would like to share it, please click here. Thank you for your contribution.

Remember, media posted here can only be demos, live recordings, or media that are no longer available for purchase.
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1. Good Friend (Alternate Lyric Demo Version) (Acoustic).mp3 (23 Votes)
2. The Big Show (demo 2003).mp3 (17 Votes)
3. Stella (Alternate Version).mp3 (21 Votes)
4. Undertow (Acoustic Demo 2002).mp3 (21 Votes)
5. Brand New Me (Charlie parts) (2009 Demos).mp3 (19 Votes)