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Does anyone still check this? (no replies)

3eyedaliens:    Hey! I'm curious to know if anyone still checks this page. I was wondering if anyone might be interested in joining a Facebook fan group if I created one (where we could make posts). I'm probably add

Nine Days Relaunch Jan 2013 (5 replies)


10-year Reunion show (no replies)

cornmouse:    Wondering if anyone attended their 10-year Reunion show in NY some 2 years back? I didn't have the chance to go and I hope someone would have recorded the show?

Favorite song on new JH Album? (2 replies)

JoeShih:    Mine is "I Do". I like the bonus version too!

Awesome deal!!! New Album, pre-order now!!! "No Fairy Tales" (3 replies)

JoeShih:    Email update from John: --------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all, I am offering what I hope is a nice value to my patient friends and fellow music lovers -

So Happily Unsatisfied....Who gets the money? (4 replies)

ken and dawn:    If you purchase the So Happily Unsatisfied off Amazon ( or anywhere else) who gets the money? If it's the record company, fuck that, those assholes thought that there was nothing of value on it so I

ULTIMATE STARTER PACK 2 (:D (no replies)

JoeShih:    Version 2 is up, with every MP3 on our website now. It's like we took a snapshot of our entire song library. Over 280 MP3s of songs from Nine Days, John Hampson, and Brian Desveaux have been compi

All Time Favorite NINE DAYS song. (8 replies)

JoeShih:    What is your all time favorite NINE DAYS song??? ;)

I am (4 replies)

johnhampson:    Hello anyone.... Just a quick note to say "Thank you!" to Joe for reactivating this site. I am not sure who will stumble through the doors, but I'm glad it's here. I will be spendin

Nine Days and John Hampson music featured in my upcoming independent film! (7 replies)

great198:    I mentioned this in another thread but thought it was deserving of its own. I am nearing completion of my first independent feature film called "Will and Testament", and it features 10 son

Role Call: Who's here? (18 replies)

JoeShih:    If you have successfully logged back into the board, give a shout out AND tell us what you are doing now (school... work... play... what changed...) I got married and moved to Korea. I'm now teach

John Hampson - Throwback Thursdays MP3 (19 replies)

JoeShih:    So apparently, recently John has been uploading to his site MP3s of re-recorded old-unused songs. So far 5... Throwback Thursday #5: "From A Hospital Bed" Throwback Thursday #4: &quo

The *Original* Forum WORKING AGAIN!!! (7 replies)

JoeShih:    The *original* and official Nine Days Message Board is back up and running again! You can even use the SAME username and password to log in! If you forgot it, you can reset your password. The

nine days' dream (no replies)

anidexlu:    Today after I woke up and turned on the computer, I remembered reading "We just finished recording the next nine days album! - John" in this phorum. But it seemed strange to me. I entered h

December update? (1 reply)

Delhomme:    anxiously awaiting a december update. I've been checking the forum everyday. This place has been quiet this month. I can't be the only one lurking around Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas Recipe (1 reply)

Bones45:    MERRY CHRISTMAS Tequila Xmas Cake Ingredients 1 cup of water 1 tsp baking soda 1 cup sugar 1 tsp salt 1 cup of brown sugar lemon juice 4 large eggs nuts 1 bottle tequila 2 cupsn dried fruit Sample

New Desveaux rough demo (7 replies)

bddesveaux:    "Only God Loves Like That"(rough) and new "Better Place" with Mike Daley of Hank Williams Jr fame on pedal Steel @

Story of a Squirrel? (1 reply)

magicman32:    I was just perusing the iTunes store just doing a random check on some things and came across this. Has anyone heard it before? Apparently it's from a christian rock outfit and they parodied "Ab

JH music update Nov. (8 replies)

johnhampson:    The record has grown. I thought it would be a 10 or 11 song record at most, but I cannot figure out what to take off- so, maybe 13 songs? I am finishing the last 3 songs next week, then mixing and

JH and Disney have something in common... (20 replies)

johnhampson:    Mitchel Musso, of "Hannah Montana" fame, (he plays her brother's best friend, I think) has recorded "The In Crowd," and Disney Records will be releasing the song as the lead singl

Chicago area show this Friday! (5 replies)

johnhampson:    Friday Nov 21 ninedays Shark City Glendale Heights, IL

Desveaux featured in new DVD Recording Inside the Box (no replies)

bddesveaux:    Yoooooo check out this DVD it's pretty cool, it also features Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. The dvd focus's on microphone techniques both in the home studio and the professional studio. The se

Sooo... (35 replies)

3eyedaliens:    I was looking at some of my old posts, thinking back to the "good old days" when people used to post tons of messages every day... and I was wondering. Who's still lurking here without pos

To Ninedays :Trip down memory lane (no replies)

darissight:    Awhile ago when you guys came to Mt. Clement, Michigan and perform at Emerald Theater and regga rapper Shaggy open up for you, I think it was Uncle Kracker too. Back stage was a few group of people b

error with Snocap and my Vista (1 reply)

darissight:    I am having a rough time downloading Brian's Alive Today album from Snocap/Myspace the browser comes up empty with no tracks or album in it so if anyone can help me with another source to get it or p

really cool fan-made 257 weeks music video (10 replies)

peqli:    i dont know if its a repost but i found this on youtube Post Edited (11-06-08 09:40)

Non album tracks (6 replies)

gregl:    Hey hows it going, I was helped out with a question about stlt so I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea about the origins of these songs ie. b-sides, bonus tracks, just released online etc.

Something to listen to... quick question (2 replies)

gregl:    Hey... i'm sure this is has been talked about in the past but, happened to notice on itunes, the track listing has two songs, left undone and distant, which are not on my version of the album, als

John Hampson on Supernatural (3 replies)

brunobeolchi:    Hey guys!! I was watching supernatural on the tv and in a scene it was "I am just as through with you" in the back!!! uhuuuuu!!! the episode of Supernatural is 4X07, for those who don't kno

Newer music update 10/27 (11 replies)

johnhampson:    Hey all, Happy Autumn. God, I love this time of year. Ok, so yes - the album isnt out yet. No surprise. I have 10 songs 100% finished, mixed and ready to be pressed and uploaded. BUT, I also