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update in the website...

Posted by Shir 

update in the website...
May 25, 2008 01:26PM
5/19/2008 - RARE TRACKS COMING...
posted by:ninedays

While you're waiting for Slow Motion Life (part two) to come out, we're in the process of finishing up a 3 album Rare Tracks set that we will be uploading to all of the major digital download sites. This will come complete with a PDF describing what the songs are about, when they were recorded and why they're important. We'll keep you posted.

Hope to see you all soon,

Nine Days
Re: update in the website...
May 25, 2008 10:15PM
any possibility of a physical cd release...? even if it is burned on home pc with sharpie hand written label --> I will still buy. (just so it feels official)

both of our eyes meet yet we barely say hi, to myself I promise you my life
Re: update in the website...
May 26, 2008 03:57PM
True. me too.

I have to admit i have trouble with buying mp3's because the quality is nothing like a CD. even in 320 kbps.

it's just seems stupid that artist record their music using all sorts of guitars, and many different microphones, and choosing to use different amps so the sound will be a little different, and the mp3 quailty is just... not enough. i'm sorry.

it's so weird that for so many years the technology did so much effort to make the sound of the recording so much better, and even a CD quality (stereo 44100 hz and 16 bit) can sound waaaaaaaay better (have you even listened to a 96khz in 24 bit in a good speaker?)... and all of that stoped when the mp3 was invented. from that point we are just getting used to hear music in a lower quality and it's a shame.

mp3 have its advantages, that's for sure, and me too paid just recently for all Nine Days's 3 independent albums (although i had all the files earlier) because i want to support the band,
but in the bottom line - i'm sorry i have trouble to pay for mp3 files because i feel i'm compromising on quality, and if i had the chance, i would pay a lot more money for original CD copies of all of these albums, and of course SHU, which i think is a great record - in terms of the music and also in the terms of the 'sound'.

SORRY FOR THE DIGGING and thanx to all of you guys who read this far. love you all and **** the world
Re: update in the website...
November 30, 2008 09:57AM
is this still happening?

Mike Mc--
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