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To Ninedays :Trip down memory lane

Posted by darissight 

To Ninedays :Trip down memory lane
November 08, 2008 04:21AM
Awhile ago when you guys came to Mt. Clement, Michigan and perform at Emerald Theater and regga rapper Shaggy open up for you, I think it was Uncle Kracker too. Back stage was a few group of people but it was a jubby white guy and a black guy with a gap in his teeth( that's me and I'm thinking of closing it but I don't know if I would like it, strange huh). You guys party with us when the theater turn into a club after the show, I just checking if you guys remerber that day. I just got up to snuff with albums and music from you guys I been trying to get for years now and I can't wait to sing them out loud while you guys perform , so no matter where you guys perform please let me know I don't care where in USA to Japan let me know in good time to prepare. My contact Number is in your Contact Form info
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