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   Files Added: Official Nine Days Concert Video & Rare Live Recordings
November 03, 2006 - ken and dawn

Thank you community board member ken and dawn for contributing so much. Ken is back and sharing even more rarities this time including:
*Nine Days Live At The Downtown 06-12-02 (All 15 tracks of the another "At The Downtown" show)
*Nine Days Live In Chicago IL Metro Speedway 07-22-00 (All 6 tracks)
*Nine Days Live In Atlanta GA 01-20-01 (All 10 tracks)
*Nine Days Live at the Vanderbilt (All 9 tracks taken from the video)
*Nine Days' Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) - Alternate Version (In 320kbps quality)
*& last but not least Nine Days Live at the Vanderbilt.wmv (An AWESOME live concert video. This is as close to a professional concert video as it gets!)
You are amazing Ken!
Everything is now available for download.

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