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   Features Added: NEW SPANKING SITE! Nine Days More (Version 2)
February 03, 2007 - ninedaysMORE

After countless hours of design and coding, then redesigning and recoding, Nine Days More has a brand new look and feel for the New Year, a lil late, but OK. Anyways, I am totally in love with it. New active content has been added like the new Featured Downloads on the main page that will randomly show files of interest. Also a Top 5 Rankings on the front page.
In addition to our changes, our address has also changed. We are now located at (.COM not .tk) so make sure you update your web favorites/bookmarks. No more forced advertisements.
Later this year (real later), a new upgrade to the database and user interface will happen, more features will be added. After the upgrade you will be able to search and browse files faster and better, create an account, log in, comment on files, and maybe even upload and share your show pictures. I personally can't wait, but could wait because it will be a lot of work on my part.

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