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Aint Got Me (Throwback #3).mp3
Date Added: Oct 04, 2012 03:14 AM
Description: Throwback Thursday #3: "Ain't Got Me"

One man's junk...So, I spent quite a bit of time listening to old, unreleased and unfinished songs. It's kind of like looking through an old yearbook - fun while you're doing it, but then you're happy to close the book and move on. There are reasons why these "Throwbacks" have spent their lives contained on my iPod or hard-drive - they weren't special enough to let loose into the world. "Aint Got Me" isn't a bad song- it's a snappy little number with a cool wurlitzer part, at the very least it's a pop song. This demo version has Vinnie Tattanelli on drums, and I think I played everything else. Maybe someone hears this and loves it! It's a nice snapshot of where I was in early 2010, trying to figure out where I wanted my music to go next...but I am glad I closed this book and moved on! Can't wait for No Fairy Tales to be released!!!!
Creator/Author: John Hampson
Last Download: Jun 26, 2017 05:03 PM
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