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Brand New Me (Charlie parts) (2009 Demos).mp3
Date Added: Nov 09, 2012 03:14 PM
Description: Throwback Thursdays!

"Brand New Me" 2009. I originally recorded this song in 2005 for Hollywood Records, but they passed on me as a 'solo' artist because they already had Josh Kelly and Jesse McCartney....weird. The song ended up on ninedays "Slow Motion Life" album, but a friend of mine at a label asked me to re-record it again in 2009 - he thought it was a hit - and then I went and added some weird guitars (Charlie Drannbauer plays some AWESOME stuff on this version!) and a trumpet...I love it, but this version is not a hit. Anyway, enjoy! (oh yeah - the picture is an old Schaefer beer can from 1964 - check out the can opener holes. My sons found it when we were on a hike in upstate NY. It has no relation to the song)
Creator/Author: John Hampson
Last Download: Aug 16, 2017 01:51 PM
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