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VH1 Special for Charity

Posted by Bones45 

VH1 Special for Charity
March 24, 2008 08:56AM
Anyone remember the fire which happened at a Great White show in Rhode Island 5 years ago?

Great White was playing there and a fire broke out due to a dumas using too much pyrotechnics during the show. A boatload of people died trying to get out. I saw Great White at Mulcahys just two weeks earlier.

Anyway.. there was a charity benefit for the survivors as apparently many of them had second, third, and fourth ( who even knew there was a fourth!) degree burns.

There was an hour long special on VH1 last night. Knowing VH1, they will replay it bazillions of times.

TESLA opened the show (thats right bitches) playing "Love Song" and "Signs", but Jeffs voice sounded horrible as he was sick. Stryper played with guitarists from Boston ( very cool) and did "Piece of Mind", Dee Snider hosted and finished the show, the lead Singer from Mr. Big ( "To Be With You"winking smiley did a cool acoustic version. I may have to learn how to play that.

The guy from Staind did "Its Been Awhile". Then there were some country acts which is when I left to go take a leak. Im sure Brian will be loving it.

Anyway.. It kinda bugged me out when they showed the crowd and I recognized someone I knew from my Tesla messageboards. now THAT is disturbing in so many ways.

Go take a look.

Re: VH1 Special for Charity
March 30, 2008 05:01PM
this board fucking blows
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