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Non album tracks

Posted by gregl 

Non album tracks
November 04, 2008 11:14PM
Hey hows it going, I was helped out with a question about stlt so I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea about the origins of these songs ie. b-sides, bonus tracks, just released online etc.

Another Day

Dirty Poet


The Price

Also I was browsing around to see if I could find the If I Am cd single to see if there was any bonus tracks on it... unfortuantly no luck, where there?

If anyone could help, that would be great, cheers.
Re: Non album tracks
November 05, 2008 12:14PM
Another Day - If i remember correctly, the original version is from something called 'Power Station Demos', a bunch of songs from the 3 indie albums the band recorded before signing with Epic. i think 'Lost You' and 'Mexico' was there too, and 'Another Day' was a new song. The 2nd version was recorded for the soundtrack of the movie 'Summer Catch' (not very recommended as a movie).

Dirty Poet & LeeLee - When the band recorded So Happily Unsatisfied, they said that they had to choose from a lot of songs, so many songs never recorded and some recorded but didn't got to the track listing of SHU. LeeLee & Dirty Poet are 2 of them.

The Price - It's a cover to a band named Twisted Sister. Recorded between TMC and SHU if i remember correctly to a tribute compilation to that band, titled 'Twisted Forever'. I have to say ninedays's version is very different from the original, really good cover. About the same period they also recorded a cover to Climax Blues Band's 'I Love You', which ended up on 'The New Guy' original soundtrack (that movie is actually really nice and funny if you ask me).

About the 'If I Am' cd single, i have it from Ebay and it contains 2 tracks: a radion edit of the song (without the drums in the end) and an acoustic mix (if i remember correctly only vox, acoustic guitars and strings). the CD is in my new apartment so i'll check that and tell you if it's different from what i wrote.
Re: Non album tracks
November 05, 2008 08:19PM
cool, thanks a bunch... yeah I thought the acoustic version of if i am (which is amazing, sounds better than the full band version, imo) would have been on there... trying to find the single artwork for the old ipod but no luck lol

ow yeah... and the track Too Much Love?

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Re: Non album tracks
November 06, 2008 07:26PM
Re: Non album tracks
November 06, 2008 09:41PM
sweet thanks, anybody know about the track too much love?
Re: Non album tracks
November 07, 2008 08:51AM
yeah.. its an older song.. mid- late 90's --- never made it to any album and only is found on a cassette with a couple of other tunes.

Yes.. I said cassette!!!!!

If my memory serves me right, i think one of the other songs on the cassette was Bring It Back---which was then changed to Sometimes.....
Re: Non album tracks
November 07, 2008 09:32AM
yep... it was a cassette with Bring It Back, Nobody, Self-Esteen, Too Much Love and a demo version of Revolve

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